1. How to Make an appointment?

There are three easy steps to make an appointment for your query.

Step 1

Select the service you want to make and appointment and follow the steps shown in first image.

Step 2

Select your convenient time slot for your query.

Step 3

Please provide your detail and the fill up your query with additiona notes if you want as shown in third image.

Once you make a booking request, we will check your request and send you confirmation e-mail and message to your phone. If we want other details regarding your query, we will inform you on call or message to process the request.

Once we confirm your request we will come to your decided place and time to resolve your query. And all the payments will be accepted after the query is successfully finished.

2. How to know the model number of your gadgets?

For iPhone easy way to find your model number:
For iPhone 5,5S,5C, SE,6,6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus,7, & plus its written on the back of your phone in a format of “Model A1xxx” for instance Model A1688.
To differentiate 6,6plus and 6s,6s Plus there is S written on the back of your phone.
For Newer model iPhone 8 and up there will be model number in the setting use this link to get more detail.https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT208200
For all iPad model number is written on the back of your device with this format “Model A1xxx” for instance Model A1688.https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201471
The model number can be found on the back cover or under the battery for older model (S5 and old) of your device. You can also check in the Setting > About phone For detail explanation click on this linkhttps://www.samsung.com/sg/support/mobile-devices/how-to-find-the-model-number-of-your-samsung-mobile-device/
Here are some useful links for other devices:https://www.howtogeek.com/347761/how-to-find-out-what-model-of-android-phone-you-have/

3. How to claim warranty on services?

If you feel that the replaced part is not functioning well, issues like touch freezing or jumping on screen than you will get free replacement, for your trouble we will also give you a 5% discount on you next appointment.

4. How long it takes to repair a device?

The table below shows approximate time required to fix common devices.

Phone / Tablet ModelIssueApprox Time
iPhone 5,5s,5c, SE,6,6+,6s,6s+Screen Replacement15-30 min
Other hardware replacement15-30 min
Body replacement30-45 min
iPhone 7,7+,8,8+Screen Replacement30-40 min
Other hardware replacement30-40 min
Body replacement40-50 min
iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XRScreen Replacement30-40 min
Other hardware replacement30-40 min
Body replacement40-50 min
iPad 2,3,4,5, Air, Air 2Screen Replacement60 min
Samsung Most phones & TabletScreen Replacement45-60 min
Other hardware replacement45-60 min
Huawei, Lg Most phonesScreen Replacement30-40 min
Other hardware replacement30-40 min
Google Pixel, XL, 2, 2XLScreen Replacement30-40 min
Google Pixel 3,3XLScreen Replacement50-70 min

Some repairs like google pixel, iPad charging port replacement & water damage repair can be done only on our work station for those repairs we will provide you pick up and drop at your convenience.

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