Screen break in 'iPhone' follow these steps

Screen break in 'iPhone' follow these steps

  • Why only in iPhone?

    Reason behind this worry is that, in certain condition if the screen broke till certain point that it preform touch function by it self then it cause huge problem of “iPhone disable” This thing happened because of broken screen phone put random password by it self, then your phone will start to disable first for 5 min, then 30 min, then 1hour and after some time forever and it will show you “ iPhone is disabled” on the screen. After that message there is only one way to remove that message is to do factory resetting, and it will LOSE all of your data.

  • To Prevent this situation, after screen broke if you feel that the touch is not working perfectly or if you can not see any thing on the screen then try to turn off your device. If you can access the power slider that would be best other wise try key combination you can find it on google. And do not put on the charging, let battery die so that way it will not go on to disable mode. Try to reach our EL-Mavin technician immediately to book and appointment and we will take care of the rest.

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