Be smart and never loose your data

Be smart and never loose your data

Nowadays people store their life moments in Mobile phones and laptops. Their important moment’s like vacation trip, party, wedding proposal, New Born baby and many more captures in high quality smart phone camera. This convivence comes with its biggest fear of data loss in a way of lost or stolen device, water damage, password forgot, software glitch. Here we are suggesting you few precaution steps to secure and backup your data.

  1. For all Apple devices there are several ways you can secure your data.
    • First solution is to purchase additional iCloud storage from apple to store all your data. And make sure you turn backup from phone.
    • Secondly if you don’t wish to pay additional money to store your data on cloud then we suggest that you have to do regular backup on your computer using iTunes.
    • Third and last option is bit tricky, first you have to turn on your iCloud backup from your phone while doing that turn off the photo’s backup. Photos and videos take most of the space in phone. Now you have to download Google photos app in your phone, after login, turn on the sync in that app. You can store unlimited photos in that application with Google’s suggested image quality. Just make sure open the application once in a day so its backup all your photos and videos.
    • Useful links:https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT203977
  2. For all android device like Samsung, Lg, Pixel it really easy just turn on the back up from the setting in your phone and it will always back up your data into cloud whenever it connected to internet.

    If you don’t want to backup your data in to cloud then you can back it up in external storage and computer using applications like 'Smart switch from Samsung, LG data switch, and other third-party applications'

    Useful links: https://www.pcworld.com/article/248984/how_to_back_up_your_android_phone.html

  3. For laptops, to back up your data into cloud use Dropbox, google drive kind of secure software. Or just do backup in external storage.
  4. For MacBook you can store your data in iCloud but you have to pay additional cost to use that space. iCloud gives only 5GB free storage on each apple account. Or just do backup in external storage.
  5. For windows 10 user Microsoft provide you 15 GB free storage to store all the data you want. If you are login to the Microsoft account in your pc and you have one drive application installed, then all of your Desktop data will automatically be stored in to your 'One drive' whenever it connected to internet.

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